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    Switching from IM to Sub Q injections

    For those that switched from IM injections to SubQ, did you have to adjust your dosage at all to get the same effective Testosterone levels? I inject 0.18 ml of testosterone cypionate 2x per week and am at a trough blood level of 600 which is perfect for me, all other measures such as estradiol...
  2. S

    TT: 1100+ E2: 95+ on 150mg/week MWF. Sensitive/standard assay results compared.

    11 weeks in. IM VG injections. No adjuncts of any kind. TT 1141.2 ng/dl (LC/MS-MS) FT 347 (ordered the sensitive assay, labeled as MS/Dialysis? Mentions LC/MS-MS in the details, units not listed) E2 97.1 pg/ml (sensitive, details state LC/MS-MS) SHBG 25.1 nmol/L HCT 49.6% I also ordered the...
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    Looking for feedback from guys who have added Testosterone cream/gel to their injections

    Hello I've been reading that some guys have been adding test cream or gel to their test injection protocols and reporting a much improved libido. I understand the improvement in libido could possibly be from an increase in DHT levels. Can I ask those guys that have gone this route what made you...
  4. J

    Help with new EOD protocol

    Hi guys, new here from the UK after a long time lurker, I have been on TRT for around 13 months now and was on 37.5mg Test E every 3.5 days, after a lot of ups and downs I decided about a week and half ago to switch to EOD as I am low SHBG of 13nmol/L. I have noticed a massive difference in sex...
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    HCG and Testosterone Cypionate and wife is pregnant!!!!

    Attached is my recent sperm analysis (July 1st, 2020) and my HCG & T protocol. For the past 2.5 years I’ve been taking 300 IU’s .1 2x week HCG and 80mg .4 2x week T Cyp. My testes have mild atrophy, but decent sperm load and I notice a difference the longer I go without HCG. I decided to get...
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    Dosing at the end of a vial

    Rarely (if ever?) has a vial had the correct volume for my injection. I inject .32 ml every 2 days. Today I had .4 ml left. Normally I would draw my .32 then use the rest in my next injection when I open a new vial. Today I decided I would just use the .4 ml left in one injection. What do you...
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    Injection question

    I know there is tons of stuff on here about this, and I have posted before about this. But one thing, So I spoke with my doctor about how I got myself 27 gauge needles. He told me I should have stuck with the 25 gauge needle because even though I am doing my injection in my stomach. With a 25...
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    Drug half life calculator

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but this relates directly to a lot of conversations in this section Gents, I have found a really useful tool online that allows you to graph drug half lives over time to see the cumulative effects. I have seen a lot of threads that speak to half...
  9. O

    Low SHBG high Free T Injection Protocol

    Hello, Long time reader of this forum. First time actually posting. I’ve been on TRT for 2 years due to steroidal induced hypogonadism. I’m 25. Total T was low 200’s and never came back. After two years of TRT i’ve finally come to the conclusion and realization that I have low SHBG and thus...
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    Injection Protocol

    Those of you on this forum who inject - do you inject just once a week or more frequently?
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