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  1. Fernando Almaguer

    Injectable glutathione from Empower Pharmacy anyone?

    Hello anyone have any success with Empower pharmacy's injectable glutothione or Lipo-c (methionine/inositol/carnitine ) injections? They recommend 1 cc per week but I wonder what an efficacious dose is. I imagine it could be different depending on individual levels and visceral/sub-q fat.
  2. R

    Gel or inject ?

    I have been using T gel for many years, 2 packets of 1% , 50mg /packet / day. I am considering a change to injectable test/cyp, really just for the cost factor. I just moved to medicare and the deductable plus the cost of the gel is pretty high. I am wondering about the cycle of high to low...
  3. J

    Sub Q injection question

    I inject both T and HCG Sub-Q. My question is, as long as it’s going into subcutaneous tissue does it really matter where it goes? Stomach fat injections always hurt and leave welts and sometimes bruises.. not much of it there maybe, so always do a SubQ glute injection. Will that make a difference?
  4. W

    Injectable L-Carnitine negatively affecting thyroid? How to take?

    For anyone with experience with injectable L-Carnitine: Do you take it WITH carbohydrates? Fasted? I have heard mixed things here. Some say it’s a waste to take without carbohydrates, some say at can be taken fasted. Any negative interactions with thyroid medication? I've heard it...
  5. Z

    High Testosterone and anxiety

    So I got some Of my labs back and the basics are my T was 1477 Free T-47 SHGB was 30 Hemocrit was 51 Hemoglobin was 17 IGF-1 was 180 PSA-0.6 this was done 24 hours after my last injection. I do 25mg everyday. But my question is, my anxiety has been a little on the higher side lately. I know...
  6. Z

    Injection locations

    Hello, so I just went back on injections. It’s been over a year and a half since I was on them and sort of forgot the good spots for injecting. I am doing my upper thigh for sub Q. But I remember hearing the stomach was pretty good for sub Q. What was the benefits of sub q over IM? Also my e2...
  7. Z

    Cream question

    So I posted a couple days ago about cream issues. Basically I use to do injections felt good but switched over to the cream because I heard it was the cats meow. Well early on it was great, my libido was sky high. And well actually that’s about it. Everything else felt normal. Fast foward 1 year...
  8. Z

    Testosterone Injection protocol Switch from EOD to ED

    So I am on 40mg EOD of test cyp/prop. Was just wondering if people like ED injections better. Also was wondering because does ED give you the most consistent feeling in your mood? Thanks
  9. B

    Cream/Injectable Dosage Conversion

    Hi all, Can someone fill me in on dosage conversion between injectables/creams? For example, I currently have 200mg/ml cyp cream. My prescription is 1-2 clicks per day, or .25-.50 per day, working up to as many as 4 clicks per day. While speaking with a different doctor about my situation, he...
  10. Z

    MWF protocol

    I just started this week on my new MWF 50mg each injection. The first week has been okay. I am going to avoid an AI if I can. I was just wondering if their are any members on here who do specifically 3 days a week and how it’s been going for them??? Thanks!
  11. Z

    Testosterone Vial Expiration

    So I was on the phone today with cvs about my testosterone prescription. And they said they can’t fill a 10ml vile for a 90 day supply because after 28 days it goes bad. So they have to use 1 ML vials. I have never heard of test going bad after 28 days. The old pharmacy I use to get it from was...
  12. Scott Myslinski

    Creams with new application over injectable?

    Hi all - I've heard many problems with creams both here and from other sources. However, this recent Tweet from Dr. Jay Campbell got me curious: Has anyone heard about this? What do you think? They're doing 2x / day application which would theoretically lead to more stable levels at least...
  13. D

    Medication Management Tip for New Guys on Injectables

    Bottom Line Up Front • Don't panic if it seems like you're using up a bottle of Testosterone or HCG more quickly than expected. • Pharmacies don't fill the bottles up all the way to the top. ◦  Therefore, you can't use the top of the bottle (near the stopper) as a reference point for the...
  14. A

    Can Vitamin D injections cause insomnia?

    So I was deficient in Vitamin D (25.8 in 30-100 and that in the summer). I told my doctor that taking high doses of D causes me fatigue (I'm not alone if you search the internet). So he suggested injectable vitamin D. I did my first injection on Tuesday with a dose of 12500 IU, IM and from...
  15. P

    Poll: How many are using injectable vs. transdermal TRT?

    I'm finally about to start TRT (and boy, am I ready), and I've done a fair amount of research on the pros and cons of injectable vs. transdermal TRT. So, I'm currently thinking I will start with a gel and then switch to injectables if, after sufficient time and tweaking, I don't feel optimized...
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