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    29 1/2 for IM

    I’m not super lean but I’m not overweight or anything. Is 29ga 1/2 needle enough for IM in the thigh or should I use a 1inch?
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    differences in well-being between IM and Sub-q

    Hello everyone. Based on your experiences, for those who have tried both methods of intake, have you noticed any differences in terms of sensations and well-being between intramuscular and subcutaneous intake? Thank you.
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    Test Cypionate IM vs. SubQ

    So I changed docs. The new doc ordered Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml from Perrigo (Contains Benzyl Alcohol) and states for IM use only. I always go SubQ. Can I use this for SubQ use? Any difference?
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    IM/SubQ Injections

    Ok I'm a newbie at this so I have a couple of questions. I started last week injecting with 5/8" needles. 25g for T and 30g for HCG. Because of the length I assumed I was doing Subq injections. So first week I did them in the belly. Following week on the deltoid. This one hurt a bit more...
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