hyperprolactinemia/control on metabolic diseases

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  1. H

    Prolactin - gluten link

    Been struggling with slightly elevated prolactin, 19 ug/L at last test. I've had E2 and T both high and low but doesn't affect my PRL. Pituitary is fine too. I have started to suspect I may have issues with gluten, so I googled gluten and PRL and get this "wheat product > opioid-like...
  2. madman

    The effects of hyperprolactinemia and its control on metabolic diseases

    8. Five-year view Prolactin is a metabolic hormone, besides the well-known actions on fertility and reproduction. Dopaminergic tone plays a key role in the regulation of the metabolic system by modulating PRL secretion. Treatment of PRL excess with the dopamine-agonists bromocriptine and...
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