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  1. BigTex

    Sleep Apnea Home Test

    I did a clinical sleep apnea test in 2007 and paid well over $5000 to get clinical testing done. Back then my insurance covered everything. If you don't have insurance it could be a problem and this sleep apnea problem needs to be controlled. I just saw this on CPAP.com. I have been using...
  2. buggies100

    home sleep apnea test

    Dr wants me to do a sleep apnea test, my wife and I are pretty sure I do not have an issue, she is a NP and has sat up at night listening to me. So I do not want to go the $2500.00 official sleep lab test. Has anybody used any of the home tests? Do you feel it was accurate?
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Home based test for fertility, testosterone, influenza, vitamin D and inflammation

    Let's see if this test really works. It has not been validated or approved as a device by the FDA. Developed by a San-Diego based technology company of the same name, the Cue comes with single-use cartridges that measure fertility, testosterone, influenza, vitamin D and inflammation. (Those are...
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