hmg + trt

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  1. J

    Bloodwork & FSH

    For the last 3 months I’ve added HMG twice a week along with my HCG. HMG is at 75ius each shot. I’ve been on TRT a long time and am trying to recover fertility without going off. For the vast majority of my time on TRT my FSH levels have been negligible (via bloodwork) at < 0.1. Now after 3...
  2. R

    Increasing T Dose - Does it affect fertility?

    Hello everyone, Im going to keep this post short. I've been on TRT for two years now on 100mg T enanthate / week. I'm also taking HCG ( 300IU 3x / week) and HMG ( 75IU 3x / week ). This brought my fertility back to normal. I'm planning to become a father so decided to keep both the HCG and...
  3. F

    TRT Dosage while regaining fertility / Fertility Protocol

    Hi All- Long time lurker, first time poster. My wife and I have a healthy 9 year old who was conceived 4 months after a contest cycle (my count was over 200M). I've been on 100-250mgs of test a week, no more competing, but no HCG. Out of the blue, we decided to try for a 2nd kid. I got off...
  4. V

    HMG treatment only, any side effects or shutdown?

    Hey all, I’m wondering if I used HMG, would I have either shutdown of LH or FSH, or any other side effects? I have seen an endocrinologist that thinks I have an androgen insensitivity and/or sertoli only syndrome. I had a better reaction with TRT than HCG, so also thinking about using HMG...
  5. J

    Support for HMG during TRT to restore count

    First post. I recently learned Im shooting blanks after 4 years on TRT. This board has been very helpful in giving me some real hope and understanding of the problem. I want to restore my count but I do not want to come off TRT. Its really changed my life in so many ways. My current doc told...
  6. J

    Unable to get HCG... Is HMG an option to prevent testicular atrophy?

    I am in Spain, 50 years old. I've been having low T symptoms for a few years, but I was able to cope with it because it was only a "performance drop", until a couple of years ago, when severe erectile dysfunction appeared and I could no longer have an acceptable sex life, in addition to a...
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