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    Volcanism associated 22% faster progression to Low T and AIDS

    127 of 894 newly diagnosed HIV infections in the last year have already progressed to full blown AIDS in the Philippines. 69% were diagnosed with low T.
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    HIV guy on TRT

    Hi Guys: I´m new here, i´m a 37 years old, seven years since my diagnostic since then i have been suffering low libido and erectyle dysfunction, all this years my sexual life has been a disaster :( , only until this year after private consulting with an andrologist i´m on trt(before i was...
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    Are persons with HIV worthy of cancer prevention diagnoses and treatment?

    A good friend of mine, a healthy husky contractor named Jim Kennedy needed a liver. Jim was the kind of guy that would do anything for anyone in need. He fed the homeless and needy not only on Thanksgiving but all year long. He lifted guys out of poverty by offering them work and teaching them...
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