high systolic

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    Blood pressure not in range

    My bp prior to starting trt and for a good 18 months has been fairly stable, albeit systolic on the upper threshold range 130 to 140. Since being on my 2nd stint of low dose deca 90mg a week my bp has been in the mid 140s for systolic and slightly above 85 diastolic. also work has been...
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    3.5 months in on TRT, feel great other than really high systolic Blood Pressure

    Hi Gents, So I started TRT on 10/27/2016 100mg per week, then decided to go to 50mg every 3.5 days due to the intense restlessness and insomnia a 100mg shot gave me. After 2 months I decided to go to Defy so I could get prescribed HCG and an AI. So late December my protocol switched to...
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