high dheas

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    High DHEA-S, low T

    I have posted before about how I successfully came off TRT after 6 years. It's been 1 year since then and looks like I haven't recovered to what I thought was my natural total T levels (thought I was ~450ng/dL). Since I have been using Quest instead of Labcorp that may be part of the...
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    Dr. says there's nothing wrong with me

    I also ran my results in the free and bioavailable hormone calculator. According to this, my results are- Free Testosterone- 9.34 ng/dL = 1.49 % Total Testosterone- 234 ng/dL = 37.3 % (Using my results of Albumin 4.6, SHBG 56.10, Total Test. 626.3) Now what. My libido is in the tank, I...
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