high arimidex

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    Anastrozole vs letrozole ?

    "Direct comparisons of reanalyzed samples also found superior suppression of plasma estrogen levels with letrozole compared with anastrozole (Geisler et al, 2008), E2 (average suppression by 95.2 vs 92.8%), E1 (98.8% suppression vs 96.3%) E1S (98.9% suppression vs 95.3%)" I'm right? I'm my...
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    Prescribe high arimidex dose...help!

    So I started trt about 5 months ago. 1 weekly injection 200 mg test cyp. I really didn't notice any significant changes. Went back for blood work and found that my test was in the 900s but my e2 was 75. He prescribed 1mg arimidex eod. About two days after taking first dose my sex drive went...
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