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    Bystolic nebivolol giving me ED or Numb feeling at only 1.25mg

    Anyone else have this issue? Already had some ED issues but alot worse basicly impossible to get erections or climax since starting Bystolic. I have only been on it a few days but man it's definitely having an effect. What are other choices for heart rate management or does this get better with...
  2. C

    Ended up in ER last month

    Just a quick overview. I have been on TRT since 2013 and I have felt great on it. I have been on 28 mg Test EOD and 200 IU of HCG EOD. I am currently 40 y/o 6'2" 205 lbs. My last labs these are my levels Testosterone,Free and Total: 802 ng/dl (264-916) Free Testosterone(Direct): 21.6 pg/dl...
  3. D

    Resting heart rate very high

    Hi, I'm just over 4 weeks into my treatment. 37yr old and treatment is 125ml Sustanon e5d. On Sunday 20th September (3 weeks in) I felt a lot hotter and almost giddy. I checked my BP and heart rate, bp was good but Rhr was in the 90s. I've been tracking it since, even bought a fit bit. My heart...
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    Increase in resting heart rate

    Hi, I have been on TRT for 2 weeks now and there is an increase in resting heart rate. I am taking both TRT+HCG. I am taking 150 mg per week test n 500mg HCG. Before TRT, my heart rate was around 70 and now its 90 and sometimes 100. Does anyone have experienced this?
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    HCG Increased Heart Rate

    Hi. Im for seven weeks on TRT, my protocol is 20mg ED sustanon and 250UI EOD HCG. I take also vitamin c, fish oil, zinc, magnesium, multivitamins Last week my total t was 1156, estradiol 56, calculated free t 27, no any increase in hematocrit(0.45) and hemoglobin(153-156) only a bit increase in...
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    TRT 7 weeks in Heart Rate changes

    As the titles says, I’m new to TRT. I’m at the end of my 7th week. Protocol T-cyp 147/150 a week split into 2 shots. No AI. Labs at 6 weeks TT 993 FT 203 E2 54 SHBG 36 Hct 49 Hgb 15.5 RBC 5.4 T4 0.95 T3 1.3 Here’s the question. At week 5 I noticed elevated resting heart rate. This gradually...
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    Heavy heart beat

    Since being on TRT, one thing that I've noticed is that I can often, if not always, 'feel' my heart beating in my chest. Also, my heart rate is higher. I can feel my heart beating quite strongly in my chest. Before TRT, my resting heart rate was 55-60. Now whenever I've checked it, it's usually...
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    Elevated Resting Heart Rate - What to do?

    Any advice on a prolonged elevated resting heart rate? When I say prolonged, I'm referring to, it's been elevated for years (at least 4+). My resting heart rate when checked is in the 90s and often above 100. I don't have any issues that I notice from an elevated heart rate. I do know from...
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