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    Extra hcg

    So I am off of testosterone for about two months. Numbers are good. I have a bottle of Hcg and water that I never mixed, what are the side effects if I take it alone? Or should I just throw it away?
  2. S

    Test+HCG+Arimidex Protocol

    Little background to start... Started TRT about 6 months ago due to low T at 234. At the same time, E2 was 60. Began on 200mg Test Cyp and 1mg Arimidex, both 1x/week. At 2 month blood checks, T kept decreasing from 692 to the latest 467. E2 also dropped to 33. Come to find out I have low SHBG at...
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    New on here ..Have a question about big..on cyp500

    Hello friends my name is Ed and I'm new on here .I'm from S.C by Parrish island. I currently am 38 and I've been on test cyp 250.. 1 c.f. on Monday and 1 cc on Thursday..500mg a week . its been 9 months straight cruisin kinda .. Problm is my balls shrunk somewhat and first couple months on start...
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