hcg suppress lh

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    Does HCG suppress to the same extent as exogenous testosterone? I want to take HCG for fertility reasons, but when I come off, will have low T levels?

    I want to run HCG in order to improve my fertility numbers. I’ve got 3 10,000iu bottles of HCG that my doctor prescribed for me, but I’m concerned that taking this will suppress my own testosterone production…leaving me low T or a need for a “PCT” once I stop the HCG injections. Am I off base...
  2. J

    Does HCG suppress LH and FSH

    Just wondering if HCG therapy will suppress what little LH and FSH levels a TRT patient may have. I've been on TRT for the past 12 years due to bilateral testicular cancer. I really do not need hcg for testicular functions but properly need it for receptor saturation. Have tried before and...
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