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  1. M

    HCG and NOT bacteriostatic water

    Hello. I write from Italy. Here in pharmacy we have 2 hcg brand (Pregnyl and Gonasi) that have not bacteriostatic water: have only "water for injection, sodium 0.9" without preservative "benzyl alchool". Personally i use the Gonasi Hp 1000 or 2000 ui, that have 1 ml of "water for injection"...
  2. R

    How to transfer hCG 10ml syringe to insulin syringe?

    pharmacist: "You are to reconstitute the hCG inside the 10 ml syringe and inject from there" me: "please send insulin syringe 31G" pharmacist: "get from the the pharmacy that supplies your insulin" me: "31G is for hCG" pharmacist: "No way can you get it in the insulin syringe after...
  3. T

    Optimal time of day for hCG or Testosterone injections?

    Hello! I could not find the answer, so sorry if this has been answered already buried in another post! BACKGROUND: I am on the following schedule for months now and have pretty stable levels - better than when I started T shots once every 10 days (with T alone), then every 7 days, then...
  4. S

    Strange Side effect when using Hcg injections ( warm skin/ heart palpitations )

    Hi (i posted this in the wrong forum Before) I have a question about a strange sideeffect of mine I got secondary hypogonadism and ive tried some different Trt through the years here in Sweden. ... And the Products doesnt seem to work for me...cause i get the same side effect of them...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Reversing testicle shrinkage and improving sex drive- Best HCG posts on ExcelMale.com

    These are the top HCG related posts on ExcelMale.com : HCG-Is It Worth It ? Testicle Size: Testosterone Injections vs hCG vs T gel Dosing and freq of T and HCG how to use hcg with T Gels First blood work after adding testosterone to HCG solo treatment How to mix my HCG? Hcg ? HCG...
  6. T

    HCG Injections: Morning or night. Does it matter?

    Someone told me I should be injecting my HCG in the mornings. Does it really matter? Is there an "ideal" time?
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