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  1. 3

    Daily HCG - any benefit?

    There was a post about this over a year ago, and had some good info, but I'd like to get a more current perspective of HCG dosing. I've read several posts on other sites that claim daily HCG dosing has a lot of benefits (better libido, erection strength, energy). However, I've read that doses...
  2. R

    Novarel branded hCG "strength" has changed - Get your Rx written correctly

    Or, Another Day at the Circus: ------------------------------------------- edit: "Wherever your goal is failure, introduce an excess of complexity to the system" problem: An incorrectly written Rx gives the pharmacist an excuse not to fill it while also confusing the pt. solution: Ask your...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    HCG Dosage Calculator

    Even though it is a simple calculation, some men struggle calculating IU and cc doses of HCG. Here is a simple site to help. Before we start, why is hCG measured in IU's instead of mg? What is an IU? When measuring testosterone we speak of milligrams. HCG is measured not by weight but in IU’s...
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