hcg cream

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  1. J

    Has anyone tried HCG Cream?

    Hi Folks, I am planning to start HCG cream along with test cream and finding it hard to find compound pharmacies in canada who can make it. Does anyone used it before and can you please let me know which compound pharmacy makes it? Thanks
  2. J

    Compound pharmacy-HCG cream

    Hello folks, I am planning to use hcg cream along with testosterone cream. Seems like canadian compounding pharmacies dont make hcg creams anymore. Any idea which compound pharmacy makes it?
  3. S

    HCG Cream

    Just curious to know if anyone out there is using or has tried an HCG compounded cream while on trt? I known that injections are the preferred method but they do not work for me due to the side effects. I am back on TRT through DEFY one month in. I feel good but already notice my scrotum getting...
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