half life

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  1. M

    Am I understanding half-life correctly?

    I'm trying to gain better insight into how various protocols affect the rate at which T. Cyp. builds up in the system (e.g., weekly vs. 3x week vs. daily). My understanding is that the half-life of T. Cyp. is 8 days. So if you inject 100mg on Day 1, there is approximately 50mg remaining in your...
  2. DragonBits

    New thoughts on sleep

    I don't think this has ever been discussed, but it might be important for those of us that often wake up from sleep. Oral contraceptive contain estrogen and progestin, (progestin is an analog of progesterone) which have been shown to increase the elimination half life of caffeine from 5-6 hours...
  3. S

    Half Life of Nandrolone Decanoate

    What is the half life of nandrolone decanoate? Some sources say 6 days, others say 6 to 12 days... Trying to figure out when, if one were to inject say 40mg today, the ND would no longer be active/in one’s system.
  4. DixieWrecked

    Help me Understand Half Life

    So it take roughly 5 half lives for a drug to be out of your system. So if I injected 500mg of test cyp it would take roughly a month to be out of my system. But if I inject 100mg of test cyp, it would also take about 1 month to be out of my system. How does this makes sense? Explain to me...
  5. G

    HCG Half life IM vs SubQ?

    So I am finding some info about IM HCG injections having way shorter half life compared to SubQ but can't really find solid info on this. I was always under the impression they had little difference at the typical doses for TRT and even Monotherapy. Does anyone know of any data on this? I am...
  6. O

    Testosterone Undecanoate: Nebido or Aveed

    hey all, my doctor prescribe me Testosterone Undecanoate and I think he got confused regarding the dosage. I am doing TRT and he wants me to take 25mg every 3.5 days, The testosterone is coming in a vial 1000mg/1ml and its a 4ml vial. I know that half life of this testosterone is: elimination...
  7. J

    Half life thread

    There was a sticky on this forum before the switch to the new one about half lives of the common meds but cant find it now. Can somebody point me to it if it's still available. Thanks.
  8. G

    Half lives of testosterone, hCG, anastrozole and clomiphene.

    ALRIGHT MY FRIENDS HERE'S SOME KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL CHANGE LIVES ON TRT FOREVER -Originally wrote this as a reply to someone on a different thread, but decided to put it in it's own thread as well.- This is how half lives work. For example, let's say you take 1mg of Arimidex EOD. The half-life...
  9. D

    Testosterone Cyp Half Life

    How long does Test Cyp last in the body? Is this the same as "half life"?
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