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  1. DragonBits

    DHEA dose, blood levels, half life, estrogen

    Currently I am taking 25 mg of dhea a day, this has resulted in my dhea-s levels increasing from 103 to 598 ug/dl (30.9 - 295.6 range). I measured dhea-s after about 8 weeks. The half-life of dhea-s is ~22 hours. Some questions? Is the level of DHEA-s in serum likely to stay about the same...
  2. K

    TestoGel / Creams etc: how long can you keep a stable serum level?

    I was wondering - Gels etc. have very short half-lives, usually a few hours from what I've read in studies like this one. Would that mean - if I go on a business trip abroad for a few days and happen to forget my gel, I'm in for a miserable experience because after 24-48 hours, stuff has...
  3. P

    HCG Frequency, Half-life, etc

    I am a converter, there I said it. Whenever testosterone is introduced into my system, my E2 jacks up. Never used an AI, never had symptoms. Never used HCG. My test/E2 ratio is usually in check. Typically when my Test levels are about 1000+, my E2 can be in the 60's (sensitive assay). (by the...
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