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    I need knowledgeable opinions on crazy side effects on 100Mg a week TRT.

    Hi guys, I'll cut to the chase, I know everyone's time is valuable but I need help figuring out something and it's driving me crazy. Im 41m , workout 3 times a week heavy lifting. Jiujitsu 4 times a week sometimes 2x a day. Experienced slow recovery and other related symptoms of low T. Lab...
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    Most effective HGH secretagogue

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I've searched almost every thread on this forum and I couldn't find what peoples thoughts are on the most effective HGH relseasing secretagogue, to increase HGH and IGF 1. I wonder if 300mcg CJC 1295 and 5-10mg of MK677 would do the job or is HGH the only way to...
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