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    Underdosed generic Perrigo Test Cyp?

    I was given Perrigo generic Test Cyp instead of Pfizer Test in error because my doctor forgot to put "no substitute" on the prescription and I didn't check right away after picking it up. I started feeling off about a week after switching (had no idea it wasn't Pfizer Test anymore so placebo is...
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    Generic Cialis shipment stopped by US customs

    Hi, Since Securetabs didn´t accept orders at the time I wanted to order I decided to order from another at random online shop. Unfortunately I received a reg letter from the postoffice saying that the parcel has been kept by the customs. So now I need to send a commercial invoice and documents...
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    People who do not shop around can get overcharged for generic medications in the US

    This article points out the wisdom of making phone calls or research on the prescription items you want to buy. Even on generics prices can vary by a factor of 10 times. Yes you heard right the same drug at Costco for $26.00 can be gotten at Rite Aid for $260. Buyer beware but do not let the...
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