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  1. keithc2485

    wilshire pharma Testosterone ?

    has anybody ever used Wilshire pharma genertic depo testosterone ? my normal manufacturer westward is back ordered and this was the my next best choice.... any experience with this brand? hoping its ok. thanks guys
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Generic Testosterone Cypionate Notice (for United States)

    Watson generic is no longer available. Only Westaward and Pfizer test cyp Actavis has bought out Watson, so they're no longer manufacturing it or marketing it as Watson. The only Cypionate offered at the moment is manufactured by West-Ward or Pfizer (Depo), both of which are cottonseed...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Launch Of Authorized Generic Version Of Testosterone Gel

    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals today announced that it has partnered with Prasco, LLC ("Prasco") to introduce an Authorized Generic version of Testim(R) (testosterone gel). Prasco has product inventory available and has commenced shipping product. Testim and its Authorized Generic version are...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Generic Testosterone Gel Company Sues the FDA for Failure to Inform the Public

    Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals is going to bat against the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) over its “failure” to announce the approval of a testosterone gel. Perrigo's product, a generic testosterone gel 1% is bioequivalent to AbbVie's Androgel. It wasapproved January 31...
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