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  1. J

    Gene Stack - Long Term Use?

    Hello, I’ve had a lot of erection success using the “Gene Stack” referenced many times on this site. My question is this: Is this the sort of protocol that can be used long term or indefinitely, or only as needed for scheduled or likely sexual occurrences? I’ve used it for months and hope...
  2. Gene Devine

    Dr. Thomas O'Connor on the use of Anastrozole in men...this is safe? Think again!

    A physician’s analysis of Anastrozole as used in bodybuilding as an anti-estrogen and its side effects and properties. Anastrozole is primarily a drug used to combat breast cancer, but bodybuilders use it for its anti-estrogen effects, and it’s commonly prescribed by “anti-aging” clinics.
  3. joshmaximus

    doxazosin and cialis

    Looking for info! And hopefully gene can give some feed back. Was wondering if Terazosin or prazosin was better than doxazosin with cialis for stronger erections? Thanks for any info!
  4. C


    It's effective in increasing vascularity? Effects on blood pressure? Already on Genes stack.
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