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  1. G

    Testosterone transdermals... which one is "best"?

    eh folks, can ignore this first paragraph pre amble: tried natesto for a good while even though was crystalized i was told "its fine" but unfortunately my bloods dont agree (as did the feeling), super strange as took a break for 10 days or so and when started up again REALLY started to feel it...
  2. J

    Use of the gel…

    Dear friends, First of all, I would like that as many of you who read this question and can help me that answer it. I will be really grateful for it. The urologist prescribed me a gel in June 2022, Testogel 50 mgs and the first three months it improved my sexual drive in a great way. My total...
  3. A

    Switching from Injection to Gel

    Has anyone noticed a lag when switching from injections to gel? After a several days on the gel, I feel like I have quit taking testosterone all together. Does anyone know if there is a time period where the body has to adjust to the new way or form of processing the testosterone?
  4. R

    DMSO Protocol for Test Gel

    Hi, I’m looking for advice on how to dose my test gel while using DMSO topically to increase absorption. I’m on a 1.62% gel that amounts to 16.1 mg a day or 113 mg of test a week. In theory if I use DMSO to help absorption I can cut down my daily dose of gel as I understand, as you apparently...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Article: Factors that Can Improve Testosterone Gel Absorption

    You can view the page at
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