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  1. Mission

    Now with hCG, concerning bloodwork 7 months into TRT

    Hoping to get some advice about my latest labs and protocol. I’m not sure what changes would be best at this point. I’m not confident in my TRT office and am considering switching docs. Anyway brief background…. Initial protocol and 1st labs after 7 weeks on TRT led to this: Doing this twice...
  2. K

    Recommended followup bloodwork

    On TRT for 6 weeks now and my next bloodwork/followup with the endo is due in a few days. Calling my endo "inexperienced" when it comes to TRT would be a massive compliment, so I just wanted to check in with you guys ahead of time so that I'm getting the right labs. What should I get tested...
  3. Reason

    Help with Follow-Up Labs Cost and Alternatives

    I have my first follow-up consult with Defy and the labs they've requested are double the initial cost projection of $250, to about $500 so I'm looking for help figuring out my options. I've Kaiser in NorCal and they won't cover labs from outside network physicians. My primary didn't want to...
Buy Lab Tests Online