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  1. H

    Can I make a fitness log

    I wanted to make a fitness log with pictures to keep me accountable since my doctors will be putting me back on trt and other meds but didn’t know where to post it or if that would be allowed. Thank you in advance .
  2. T

    Decent compression of morbidity formula

    Playing around with reasonable equation to track over time... Fitness score = [age / (max BP for 5 reps in lb)] x 20 + 1 mile run time in min Lower score is better Example for fit 50 year old: 50 / 315 x 20 + 7.5 = 10.7 Example for not so fit 50 year old 50 / 100 × 20 + 15 = 25 Obviously...
  3. BigTex

    Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

    New study finds lowest risk of death was among adults who exercised 150-600 minutes/week Piercy KL, Troiano RP, Ballard RM, et al. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. JAMA. 2018;320(19):2020–2028...
  4. J

    Never Too Old To Be Fit With TRT

    I saw this tweet on Twitter from Doctor Jonathan Clavell. Hope men here find it inspirational. 81 yo: doc, this #Testosterone I've been taking for a year is great Me: how so? Pt: my mind is sharper, losing fat, muscles are stronger. Even my doc told my diabetes and cholesterol are better Me...
  5. B

    What is your philosophy on vacation health/fitness?

    I thought this may be a good question to crowdsource. I'm 27 and would appreciate wisdom from older men, particularly those in healthy relationships. My diet is always fully dialed, I don't consume alcohol, and I do some form of exercise daily. I also walk 10K steps a day. I love this...
  6. J new Fitness Guide

    I'm a big fan of and their more pragmatic, evidence-based approach to supplements and nutrition. They have a new fitness guide out: The Fitness Guide - the most effective supplements and nutrition to maximize your fitness | Somewhat expensive but looking at the...
  7. J

    Has anyone used Medstorerx?

    Hello folks, has anyone used medstorerx online pharmacy? If yes, then please share your thoughts on it.
  8. J

    Which one to choose viagra or cialis?

    Hey folks, viagra and cialis both are ed med but when it comes to performance which one you trust? the famous viagra or the weekend pill cialis? If tried both then please share the after effects of using it.
  9. X

    Green Tea is good for Belly Fat and good health

    Undoubtedly, a flat and slim abdomen is an ultimate beauty symbol which is liked by most of the people. Unfortunately, nowadays most people are getting obese due to their improper life style and food habits. People who have a whole mass of unwanted stomach fat are trying to green tea it away...
  10. J

    hello everyone!! This is jordan mathew

    Health expert cum professional from New York
  11. R

    Two natural remedy to enhance male libido

    To improve male libido is one of the best ways to cure erectile dysfunction problem in men. Many people are suffering from low libido and testosterone level. Due to lack of libido and testosterone level, it creates significant impact on your sexual performance. Stress, anxiety, high blood...
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