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  1. jacb

    hCG and its Generic Version

    I see that Fertigyn (Made by www.unimed.co.in) is described as a generic version of Pregnyl, Organon and Novarel, which are all hCG. Is Fertigyn considered identical in it's effect when compared to the "standard" hCG? Could it potentially be safer being man (not Woman) made? Should cost be a...
  2. T

    Fertigyn Glass Ampule

    Hey fellas, I'm looking to get Fertigyn HCG, but I have NO idea what to do with that glass ampule it comes in. I can't seem to find any pictures or videos on how to break the glass seal effectively. The other times I've done HCG the powder has been in a vial that I inject the BAC water into. Any...
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