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    High Estrogen causing side effects

    I am havng issues with sore joints and oveall aches, plus extremely tired, shakey, can;t sleep very well, (sore nipples) my e2 runs on the high side and I just reduced my testosterone dose a month ago due to being plenty high. I suspect my E2 is now high and needs to catch up to the lower test...
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    New User

    Hey all, I'm introducing myself as a new user to ExcelMale. I have been visiting this site for a long while, but only recently joined the forums to get some direct information if possible. I started TRT about 3 years ago when my T levels were just at the recommended cutoff for non-HIV infected...
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    Exhaustion / Poor Sleep with High E2 and Gyno

    Current State: Hi, I am new here, a 30 year-old male with gyno (surgically removed) struggling with severe mental exhaustion / reduced brain cognition. No matter how much I sleep, I almost never wake up feeling rested. I wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all, or like I haven't slept in 2...
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