estradiol lecture

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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Article: Lecture: Estradiol in Men: Roles and Management

    Nelson Vergel's Estradiol Roles and Management Lecture I hope you enjoy the in-depth review of current data on the roles of estradiol in men and what studies have shown about managing it with anastrozole, tamoxifen, and other medications. It is a long presentation intended for physicians, so...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Estradiol Management Lecture Next Week

    Live Google Hangout OnAir Event Invitation Estradiol Management in Men : Facts and Fiction Wednesday, July 22nd @ 4pm PST Reserve your place by clicking on "Yes" in the "Are you going to watch?"…/events/c8cau1onk503j1cl3psv7dc3n1s
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