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    Estrone high on latest blood work

    So I'm getting my bloodwork back piece by piece through Quest. It usually comes in 3 reports in total. Takes like 2 weeks to get it all. Anyway, a portion of the blood work came back today with the estrone test at 110pg/ml. My doc (who asks for a ton I'm sure I'll get my E2 report next but I...
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    Issues with Elevated Estradiol Levels

    I have been on TRT for about 9 months now and have had very marginal results to date. The protocol (.32ml T-Cyp, .50ml HCG & .25mg Anastrozole - twice per week) has elevated my T levels but my Estradiol levels have tracked proportionally upward. To date I have had very minimal increases in...
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    Does arimidex negatively impact one’s lipid profile?

    Hey everyone, I have seen studies showing that arimidex has negative effects on one’s lipid profiles. My question is, does arimidex directly effect your lipid profile or does it indirectly effect your lipid profile by potentially lowering estradiol outside of a healthy range? For example, if...
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