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  1. A

    Started low dose accutane and my skin is clearer than ever/ I feel great. But my doctor wants to double my dose?…

    I'm 29 years old and 190 lbs and have dealt with cystic acne on my back for the past 10 years. Its hormonal acne from when I took pro hormones a decade ago and never recovered. I tried everything, and nothing has successfully cleared me up. I finally decided to pull the trigger and start...
  2. A

    Got bloodwork back after 2 months on a new protocol. Advice on where to go from here?

    I was previously administering 50 mg Test cyp every 3.5 days and here were my last blood results: Total T: 1316 ng/dl (264-916) Free T: 28.3 ng/dl (9.3-26.5) Estradiol (sensitive): 40.1 pg/ml (8.0-35.0) SHBG: 45.2 nmol/l (16.5-55.9) IGF1: 252 ng/mL (101-307) I wanted to lower my E2 a few...
  3. A

    Recently switched to EOD protocol and feeling tired

    I mad e thread previously asking about going from every 3.5 days to EOD of Test cyp, 100 mg weekly. My last bloods Taken at peak: Total T: 1316 ng/dl (264-916) Free T: 28.3 ng/dl (9.3-26.5) Estradiol (sensitive): 40.1 pg/ml (8.0-35.0) SHBG: 45.2 nmol/l (16.5-55.9) I am now taking 25 mg...
  4. Fernando Almaguer

    Pin cushion effect?

    Hello TRT Team, Pinning ED or EOD: What do you guys think are the consequences if any to pinning our muscles so much even with an insulin needle 1 1/2 inch or 1/2 inch. small gauge as well? Can we rotate even going to the calf muscles so as to negate some of the scar tissue accumulation?
  5. J

    Help with new EOD protocol

    Hi guys, new here from the UK after a long time lurker, I have been on TRT for around 13 months now and was on 37.5mg Test E every 3.5 days, after a lot of ups and downs I decided about a week and half ago to switch to EOD as I am low SHBG of 13nmol/L. I have noticed a massive difference in sex...
  6. S

    Noob - EOD Dosage

    I was just prescribed 210MG Cypionate a week split in two injections. HCG 500IU a week split in two injections. Based on the information below I am assuming I am going to be a high aromatiser. Also, what I have read on this forum the dosage seems high and I was thinking that lowering the dose...
  7. S

    My Hct Dropped on SubQ EOD protocol!

    I swithed to SubQ EOD about 2 months ago. When I made the switch my HCT was 49.5 and I had just donated blood a couple weeks prior to that. I typically donate when my Hct gets around 55, which is usually every 4 months. I just got my new labs back, Hct dropped to 48! I am very happy to see that...
  8. G

    Gynecomastia and T dosage

    Even though I inject just 25mg EOD, I have a gyno (moderate) and I had been leaner before TRT. Does it mean that I still need to inject less? Does gyno=excess T dosage? p.s. sensitive E2 test is not available here
  9. S

    EOD vs MWF - Any significant difference?

    Have any of you tried both MWF and EOD injection protocols and noticed much of a difference, either subjectively or in your lab results? I'm looking to go either 40mg MWF or 34mg EOD. Same total weekly dose in either case. MWF seems easier and I find myself doubting that the extra 6mgs...
  10. S

    Calculate EOD Dose?

    My SHBG is on the lower side at around 25. Total T is 650 trough days and E2 around 45. I currently inject 50mg test C two times a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) It has been mentioned on here in the past that I may benefit from an EOD schedule due to my low-normal SHBG. How do I calculate the...
  11. K

    EOD injections - Morning or evening?

    Hi guys, search didn't come up with anything, maybe you can give me your opinion. I've switched my protocol to EOD injections - after experiencing the trough of my doctor-prescribed E2W (!) protocol twice, I've had it. Plus, weird thing, I actually like injecting daily, as it gives me an easier...
  12. S

    E3.5D vs M W F injections

    E3.5D vs M W F vs EOD injections Let's assume all things being equal and SHBG of 27 (16.5-55.9). Would there be any benefit in going from twice weekly injections every 3.5 days to injecting 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For example, let's assume a weekly dose of T. Cyp...
  13. P

    Dosing Hcg e.o.d ?

    Hi Guys, After getting new bloodwork done, my test dose was raised but it caused alot of ichy sensitive nipples, lowered sex drive,and I felt like e2 was climbing, so I added 12.5 mgs anastrozole 2 x's wk with my shot. So I'm changing to an e.o.d. shot of .25 cyp in hopes of bringing down e2...
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