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  1. D

    Testosterone Compound Cream Absorption / Labs / Ect

    Morning Gents, So I have been running Empower RX Compound cream for I guess a little over a year now Id say. Mine is 200mg/ml and I just do one click. From my understanding absorption was only around 10%, but pharmacist today said you absorb most of it? Thoughts? All the time I thought I'd be...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Some compounding pharmacies used by Nelson Vergel

    I have been using APSMeds.com for 5 years for HCG, testosterone, TRIMIX, ED drugs, injectable aminoacids/vitamins, nandrolone,Sermorelin and other products. They are reasonably priced and ship to almost every state. I have toured their facilities to look at the sterility rooms and was...
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