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  1. DragonBits

    Interesting article on covid vaccine effectiveness

    The world needs Covid-19 vaccines. It may also be overestimating their power. By HELEN BRANSWELL @HelenBranswellMAY 22, 2020 With a little luck and a lot of science, the world might in the not-too-distant future get vaccines against Covid-19. But those vaccines won’t necessarily prevent all...
  2. P

    Anyone with experience on HCG Brand Fresenius?

    Fresenius Kabi to be exact.
  3. K

    Will TRT effectiveness decrease over the years?

    Hi guys sorry if this has been answered before, search didn't bring up anything meaningful. As I'm about to start TRT hopefully soon, and as I'm only 35 years old, what I'm a bit worried about is that TRT might help my symptoms now - but if there would be some sort of decreasing effectiveness...
Buy Lab Tests Online