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  1. P

    Good blood test results but low sex drive and ED - what to do ?

    Hi guys, I'm on TRT almost 2 years. As the effect was poor (I'm struggling with low sex drive and ED almost all the time), I'm experimenting with dosages (100-300mg/wk), forms (sustanon, cream, enanthante) and injection frequency. Now I'm on 60mg of t.enanthante e4d. These are blood test...
  2. M

    Ed on trt new labs

    So I have been struggling as of late with ED so I got some labs done. I’m on 100 mg of test split into two 0.5 doses and 500 mg of hcg twice weekly as well as 0.5 arimidex once a week. The day before my labs I donated blood. Total T Range 250-1100 ng/dL 1600ng/dL Free T Range 35pg/dL -155...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    New Affordable ED Panel at Discounted Labs at 195 Dollars

    Price: $195 ED Blood Test Panel Erectile dysfunction can be caused by hormonal, lifestyle (poor sleep, stress, etc), vascular (cardiovascular disease and diabetes), and mental causes (performance anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, etc), relationship (arguments, lack of attraction, anger...
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