e2 ratio

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    Estradiol (E2) and libido. Is my mine too low?

    Can anyone take a look at the numbers? I have been having significant libido and ED when the time arises. I do get morning wood most mornings. I am wondering if I my e2 is actually too low? I've been off anastrozole for 8 months as it drove it too low. (like <10 sometimes) I take 60 mg of...
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    E2 to T Ratio: When is higher E2 better?

    My Total T (trough) is around 1,300. My E2 is at 26. That's a low E2 ratio...too low? I've always read/heard that mid 20's is best, but at what T level? According to the E2:T ratio calculation I found [min is (Total T)/20, max is (Total T)/14)] I should be between 65 and 93. But would that...
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    E2 Ratio

    I was wanting to see if anyone could tell me with E2 of 33 with the sensitive test and T at 130 and 202 on two test if the ratio would be off so bad as to cause bad high E2 symptoms? Thanks for any help
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