dysmetabolic iron overload syndrome (dios)

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    Iron overload/hemochromatosis

    Been on Trt for 16 months. It has cured my libido problems, but I am still exhausted all the time with bad brain fog at times. About a year ago my iron tested and my levels were 165. Now they are at 203 (38-169). Iron a saturation is at 62% (15-55). I battled HCT/HGB for a while but it...
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    I think I have an Iron problem

    I'm hypopituitary and take all hormones. Cortisol, Florinef, Synthroid, Cytomel, Testosterone, Metformin, HCG, Anastrozole, Progesterone, Baby Asprin, and LDN + the appropriate supplements. I've been on TRT for approx 6 years and I was feeling great up to 2 years ago when hypothyroid symptoms...
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