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    Protocol Review: Low E2 Symptoms w/ High E2 Bloodwork

    1st Protocol: 100mg Test Cyp 2x per week (200mg Total) .5mg AI 2x per week (1mg Total) Labs on First Protocol (trough test): TT = 955 (348 - 1197) FT = 29.3 (9.3-26.5) E2 Sensitive = 10 (8-35) Clearly I crashed my E2. Symptoms were ED, anxiety, clicking joints, dry skin, insomnia. Also...
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    Crashed Estradiol - How Long to Recover?

    Hi All, New to these boards, but have been lurking for a while picking up some great information, everyone seems very knowledgeable. Started TRT back in October 2016, I have yet to get dialed in, although I have found the elusive sweet spot a couple of times, so I know how important it is to get...
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    Flaky Skin issues on testosterone?

    This may or may not be related to testosterone, but I'm having some really bad skin issues not related to pimples etc, but rather really dry flaky skin even starting to happen on my face, scalp has been itchy dry and flaky for years now with red bumps that can develop little scabs. I also after...
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