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    Injection procedure - test cyp in cottonseed oil

    I've recently ditched the 18g drawing needle for a 27g (same as I inject with). I'm finding that half the time when I stick the needle in the cyp bottle and pull down on the plunger, I get no test/oil. I generally start by drawing 0.2ml of air into the syringe which I inject into the cyp...
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    Tips for drawing the last test. cyp. from bottle.

    Tips for drawing the last test. cyp. from the bottle. Syringes fill great till I get to the last of the bottle.
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    Difficulty injecting

    Hello, this is only my second post on the board so please bear with me. I’ve been on trt for about 2 years now. Got some really good info from this board that has helped, so I thought I would ask another question. On Monday I did my split injection and I noticed that as I was injecting the...
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