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    Testosterone Base and DMSO question.

    So I am new to this forum. Not sure if its even proper to ask this question in the forum. If not let me know and ill delete it. I have had nothing but side effects from testosterone injections. I live very clean. Maybe its the esters, or the oils, or the dissolvents used in the vials. Either...
  2. T

    Homemade testogel

    Hello, is it possible to make testogel from injection oil? I’ve read on another forum people disolving testo P using DMSO and successfully getting the ester to enter topically. I don’t want to use DMSO in my gel though, read some bad stuff about that, there’s a reason why pharma grade testogel...
  3. G

    DMSO to increase absorption

    Anyone use DMSO along with their testosterone cream/ gel to increase absorption, or know anything about DMSO? Interested in possibly using it.
  4. A

    My experience with Compound Pharmacy Testosterone cream & DMSO

    Hi, Just a quick unscientific experiment i did with a pharmaceutical grade DMSO & two clicks of testosterone dispenser equaling 90MG. I cleaned my arms and hands with an organic soap my wife uses before applying testosterone as DMSO can carry anything small enough through the skin. I have been...
  5. H

    Androgel & DMSO

    Does anyone have any experience using DMSO with Androgel to improve absorption? I've read three or four threads on t-nation and related forums discussing DMSO's ability as a transport agent to dramatically increase absorption rates. Anecdotally, some posters claim they've gotten their total T...
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