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    Testosterone gel application sites for maximum DHT

    Hi all, Wanted to know if anyone knew this. I'm aware that likely genital skin/scrotum is richest in 5a-reductase and thus yields the most DHT from topical testosterone (gel or cream). Does anyone know which site comes after that? From what I've read the sheer amount of skin you apply on...
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    Hypopituitarism and muscle gains

    Hello everyone, I am a 32 year-old man. I have suffered from hypopituitarism since birth. At the age of 5 I started taking GH and Hydrocortisone. The pediatrician monitored my bone development until I was 17 years old, when she decided that I should stop the GH replacement therapy and start...
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    DHT Therapy

    Can someone explain to me why no one in the US makes or supplies a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) gel or cream? If you have high testosterone and low DHT, the most obvious therapy for that is DHT gel. In Europe they give you synthetic analogs of DHT. In the US, there does not appear to be any...
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    Dihydrotestosterone is too high.

    My testosterone before TRT was 242. I'm 51 years old. I began TRT on November 27th 2014 using two tubes of Testim gel per day. This past week I had my first blood work done since beginning TRT. Here are the results: It appears that my dihydrotestosterone is too high. Is there any danger...
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