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  1. S

    Started DHEA + Preg 25/10 and sleeping like a rock?

    I don't know if this is directly attributable, but 2 weeks ago I started 25/10 DHEA/Pregnenolone in the am. My DHEA-S was high 200s and my Pregnenolone was 32. I have never slept so well in my life these last 2 weeks. I haven't woken to pee and I have slept straight thru nearly every day...
  2. V

    Q's about backfilling pathways (T, dhea, preg)

    When we try to backfill the pathways, how long is necessary to supplement? My Dhea was low last year, and Defy gave me an Rx of Dhea and Preg. On the next test, my Dhea was way above normal range. Is this enough to backfill, or is it necessary to continue a lower dose supplement? One more...
  3. joshmaximus

    Pregnenolone or DHEA: Which One to Take?

    If u had a choice which one would u pick over the other? Does one have a better benefit over the other?
  4. D

    Struggling with TRT - need help with labs!

    I have been on TRT for about 1.5 years after diagnosed from low testosterone due to low pituitary. I started on 180mg a week but my levels were way too high. I’m all the way down to 75mg a week, which keeps my testosterone at 600 on my dips. I cannot tolerate too much at once. My DHEA and...
  5. Vince Carter

    New Labs After DHEA and Pregnenolone Cream

    Unexplainably high Sens Estradiol and low DHEA and Pregnenolone suggest that I'm not absorbing the TD cream, and/or it's aromatizing. I see the lab didn't run "DHEA-Sulfate", but a different DHEA test this time, it's low nonetheless. Will discuss with Dr Saya a switch to a micronized capsule...
  6. C

    Bad bloating from pregnenolone/dhea

    My doctor wanted me to try a high dose of dhea (250mg) for 4 weeks then taper down mainly to help with depression. I tried this for a two days and even more tired then normal, so I cut it back to 150mg, still exhausted, cut to 100, 75,50. I eventually figured out I only seem to be able to handle...
  7. T

    Supplement BOTH Pregnenalone and DHEA?

    Gene generally mentions taking both micronized Pregnenalone and DHEA as "backfilling the pathways" supplements. I have tried taking just DHEA and then both together. I don't really notice any subjective difference, and have not had any further DHEA blood testing since my initial low result of...
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