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  1. Vince

    Life Flashes Before the Eyes Upon Death

    When an 87-year-old epilepsy patient unexpectedly passed away during a brain scan, the scan found that his brain seemed to replay memories in the 30 seconds before and after his heart stopped beating, according to a recent study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience...
  2. bennettjc

    TRT Associated With Decreased Risk of Stroke, MI, and Death in New Study?

    Looking forward to hearing more details and maybe even reading this study. But the data highlighted in this press release are most intriguing.
  3. DragonBits

    Steroid dexamethasone reduces deaths with severe COVID-19

    This is cheap and seems very promising to prevent death among those that require oxygen/ventilator, IE, a severe case of covid-19. Steroid dexamethasone reduces deaths among patients with severe COVID-19 - trial shows 11 hrs ago Steroid dexamethasone reduces deaths among patients with...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone, DHT and Estradiol and Mortality in Older Men

    Testosterone Is Associated With Reduced All-Cause Mortality and Higher Dihydrotestosterone With Reduced Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality, While Estradiol Levels Do Not Predict Mortality - In older men, having total T levels...
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