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  1. R


    I never even heard of it until today. Plugging it into the search field, it mostly shows up in posts that just mention it in passing One poster said it plummeted his SHBG. Is it unpredictable and hard to dose?
  2. J

    My testosterone dropped 50% in 2 months after starting Danazol and Thyroid

    Hi, I went to a clinic and after my first blood test with a total T of 1116 and a very high SHGB, I started taking 50MG of Danazol every other day and Liothyronine/Levothyroxine 4.5MCG/19MCG daily, as well as Ipamorelin peptides. After 2 months I got tested again and my total T dropped in half...
  3. B

    Sleep Issues with Protocol Change?

    A few things in my protocol changed recently: I switched from T cream (applied to the scrotum) to injections (200 mg), I added Danazol (25 mg EOD), and I added Metformin (500 mg AM & PM). Around the time of these changes, I started experiencing sleep issues: either waking up early in the morning...
  4. B

    Switching From Cream to Injectable T (subQ)

    I am making the switch from cream to injectable T cypionate. I started with cream because I thought it would be more convenient; however, I’ve become convinced it is actually less convenient, as you have to wait for it to dry and plan shower/swim/workout/sex times around it (two times a day, at...
  5. B

    Experiences with Oxandrolone & Danazol?

    Has anyone here (particularly high-SHBG guys) stuck with Oxandrolone or Danazol as part of his protocol? I've read promising things (and have used the search tool here), but neither seems to be too popular around EM -- wondering why, though I do recognize that the fewer medications one can take...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Male hormone reverses cell aging in clinical trial

    “One of the processes associated with aging is progressive shortening of telomeres, DNA-protecting structures at the ends of chromosomes, like the plastic tips on shoelaces,” Calado said. “Each time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter. Eventually, the cell can’t replicate anymore and dies...
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