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  1. M

    Glucose tolerance and normal low t

    Hi everyone. I apologize in advanced for this is a long post. To start out, Im 18 with 250-300 total T and 7-10 free t. So ive been thinking about my issues and I have very big important questions. After some trial and error, I realized weed absolutely gives me ed. When I don't smoke, my...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Sleep Duration and Inflammation (CRP) in Adults

    Sleep Duration and C-Reactive Protein in US Adults. Richardson MR, et al. South Med J. 2017. South Med J. 2017 Apr;110(4):314-317. doi: 10.14423/SMJ.0000000000000632 Abstract OBJECTIVE: To use gender-stratified logistic regression analysis to examine the associations between elevated...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    High CRP was correlated to ED

    Aging Male. 2016 Nov 12:1-5. [Epub ahead of print] The correlation between highly sensitive C-reactive protein levels and erectile function among men with late-onset hypogonadism. Shigehara K1, Konaka H1, Ijima M1, Nohara T1, Narimoto K1, Izumi K1, Kadono Y1, Kitagawa Y1, Mizokami A1, Namiki...
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