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    Anyone have luck coming off TRT?

    I’m 47 years olds and suffered a depressive episode about 2 years ago. I was cycled through several Anti-depressants over several months and none worked. My testosterone was checked on 2 separate days in the morning and was found to be in the mid to low 100 range. I was started on TRT 1 year...
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    Low cortisol and low testosterone

    Currently treating a pituitary tumor, and Im new to TRT. Was placed on TRT(cypionate injections) about a week ago, and took my first shot of 200ml, which I plan on splitting the dosage next time into 2 weeks. My biggest concern is that not only has this pituitary tumor caused a deficiency in my...
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    TRT And Cortisol

    Can someone explain to me the relationship with TRT and cortisol? I have very high urine cortisol numbers and im trying to bring them down. cortisol is around 140 normal being (0-50) ive ruled out cushings. I recently started TRT (3 weeks ago) and i heard it can help lower cortisol as well.
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