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    The probiotic Bifidobacterium Longum BB536 reduces constipation/diarrhea, normalizes the gut microbiome, increases immunity, and suppresses allergies

    Japanese review of the amazing health benefits of this particular probiotic strain: This particular strain of Bifidobacterium can be found in many of the "pearls" of Nature's Way. The pearls have a triple layer...
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    Constipation - Is it TRT - Metformin

    About 5 weeks ago I started taking T-Cyp, Metformin, and once per week 0.25 mg of an AI. Prior to taking any of those medications I always had regular (at least once per day) bowel movements. I've noticed since starting TRT, etc. that bowel movements are irregular, a little more difficult, and...
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    Vitamin D Causing Constipation

    Everytime I try any dose of vitamin D I become horribly constipated fr several days after stopping it. Has anyone else experience this problem, or does anyone know what it could be from. Nothing seems to help clear up the problem, not increasing water, fiber, magnesium, etc. I have seen other...
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