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  1. C

    Scrotal Cream Labs

    I made this switch to cream about 6 weeks ago now and I have been on the 20% cream from Empower for about 6 weeks now and doing 1 click in the morning and 1 click in the evening. I mostly wanted to switch to help keep hematocrit, hemoglobin, and RBC in range so I wouldn't have to donate anymore...
  2. F

    Poll - Are You Still On Cream?

    While there are already a lot of cream threads, it seems like there may be a high attrition rate - guys that use it and later bail on it for various reasons. The point if this poll is to try to discern how many guys are committed to cream in the long term. Hopefully, this poll will also give...
  3. C

    Testosterone Cream - Bad Experiences?

    I'm 5 days into switching from 2 years of daily test cypionate injections to 200 mg/ml compounded cream at 2 clicks AM and 2 clicks PM (to the scrotum). I was pretty excited to try this after reading all the comments saying it gives high energy, high libido, etc. Many people even saying it...
  4. C

    Numbers look decent but ....

    Switched to compound cream 200mg about 2 months ago from injections. Using 3 clicks in the am (1 to scrotum and 2 on shoulders). Libido is good . Numbers are great, even better than injections but feeling extremely tired and unmotivated. Total T - 1230 (300 - 1000) Free T - 305 (46 - 224)...
  5. K

    New to TRT - First Protocol Results

    New to posting but have been reading here for a while. 28 years old. I got my blood checked earlier this year as I have been getting persistent lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, brain fog, unable to focus, memory problems, low libido etc. Worst ones being probably lack of "drive" and...
  6. C

    Feeling on cream vs injections

    I have used both creams and injections. When on injections I feel a jittery nervous kind of feeling while on cream I feel more calm / relaxed. Anyone else experience this or have any thoughts on why this might be?
  7. S

    Anyone been on cream for 3+ years?

    Curious to hear from guys that have been on cream long-term. Have you been stable on a cream protocol for a long time, and if so, have you had to make minor adjustments along the way or change application sites?
  8. C

    Cream Injection Combo

    I know I have seen posts from folks using combination of compound cream and injections. Those who are - are you applying cream every day?
  9. C

    Compound Cream application

    For those of you using compound cream do you apply once or twice a day and where?
  10. C

    Cream causing irregular heartbeat?

    Have made 2 attempts to switch from one weekly injections to compound cream however each time I do I develop an irregular heartbeat within the first 3 - 4 days of using the cream. Do you think the cream itself could actually be causing this or could it be just my body adjusting to something new...
  11. A

    For those on injections + cream

    For the people on injections + cream.. how does your protocol looks like?
  12. T

    Protocol change? Need advice

    I have many of the same issues that I see here everyday, not great energy, low libido but its better than before trt. I've been on injectables for 2 years. My current weekly protocol is 100mg T, split SubQ twice per week and 500 iu HCG twice a week. I just got my labs back and have a consult...
  13. A

    Scrotal Transdermal Testosterone Cream

    Any guys having luck with testosterone cream applied to the scrotum? I was just prescribed 20% testosterone cream, 100 mg to be applied to scrotum every morning in addition to my Test C 50 mg subQ twice/week to help out with my libido. My DHT was 56 no/dl (30-85). After the fourth day I do feel...
  14. B

    Cream/Injectable Dosage Conversion

    Hi all, Can someone fill me in on dosage conversion between injectables/creams? For example, I currently have 200mg/ml cyp cream. My prescription is 1-2 clicks per day, or .25-.50 per day, working up to as many as 4 clicks per day. While speaking with a different doctor about my situation, he...
  15. C

    Cream vs Androgel

    For those of you who have tried both which one to you have most success with - Androgel or Compounded Cream?
  16. W

    How should I start on shots?

    I may start on shots because I am tired of applying the cream and to avoid contact with others at home. Is 100mg of Cypionate a week a good place to start or is 50mg twice a week better to avoid peaks and lows and to avoid getting a high E2? My current SHBG is 15.
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Testosterone Replacement Options

    In theory testosterone replacement should approximate the body's own natural production of the hormone. The average male produces 4 to 7 mg of testosterone a day with plasma levels in early morning and lower levels in the evening. Women produce around a 12th of those rates. Testosterone...
  18. K

    Applying compounded test cream

    Hey guys A question: Is there a risk in applying compounded testosterone cream (not pharm gel) to the scrotum? Better? Worse? DHT issues? Thanks! Kaes
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