clomid only restart

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    Clomid for low T

    My LH levels are high yet I have low T. Will Clomid help if I increase an already high LH #?
  2. J

    Weird clomid experience

    So the first dose of clomid I ever took made me feel like crap but somehow it seemed like it helped resolve my ed issues. Anybody know why it could of done that. Btw I only took 12.5 mg of it one time but I felt so bad on it I decided to never take it again. I do have high shbg btw
  3. A


    Hi All- I'm 58 and have been on test cyp 120/wk split into two doses for one year now and, unfortunately, i am one of those guys whose hair continues to receed, and I have tried all the recommendations I have seen from Nelson, etc. I've even tried a lower dose of 60mg/wk and still each injection...
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