#changing doctors

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  1. FlipFlops

    Colorado Springs Doctor Rec

    I looked through the DOCTOR FINDER links and still cannot find a rec for a doc here. I just moved so I am looking for a great doce to see that doesn’t just specialize in hoirmones - I would like to use my insurance. Any recs would be greatly appreciated.
  2. G

    Houston Primary Care Doctor

    I am seeing if I can get any recommendations on a few good primary care physicians located in Houston Tx. Someone that is well educated in men’s health as well. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I am relatively new to TRT and my blood pressure recently tested a little high and want to work...
  3. T

    transitioning providers, questions

    I'm 39, and have dealt with a host of health issues since high school that have always led to "we can't find anything wrong" from my various doctors. Last year I tested low for testosterone. I don't have the exact lab results from then on hand, but my total testosterone stands out in my mind at...
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