cardiovasular mortality

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  1. Vince

    Daily Step Count and Step Intensity With Mortality Among US Adults

    I do workout every morning with weights, but in the evening my wife and I like to walk together and talk about our day, I believe it makes us closer. It also helps us to know our neighbors. Based on a representative sample of US adults, a greater number of daily steps was significantly...
  2. T

    Exogenous Estrogen in Men

    Old study that looked at exogenous estrogen (among other things) in men targeted at reducing mortality due to cardiac events: The Coronary Drug Project: findings leading to discontinuation of the 2.5-mg/day estrogen group. The purpose of the Coronary Drug Project, a national collaborative...
  3. madman

    Low Serum Free Testosterone Association With Cardiovascular Mortality in Men With Stable CAD

    In conclusion, low FT levels are associated with high 5-year CV mortality in men with stable CAD. Large prospective studies are needed to confirm our results and support the hypothesis that FT is the most active and predictive fraction of T.
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