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    Cabergoline and Depression

    I was reading that cabergoline increases dopamine so it can be used to treat depression. My brother's doctor prescribed him 0.25mg per week. What do you think ?
  2. H

    When to start clomid after Pellets to target consistent 600-800 range; 54 yrs old

    Hello, Had pellets inserted 3.5 months ago, T level started at 390 (range 250-1100) and Free at 52 (range 35-155) then went up to total 1300 1 month after insertion. 2 weeks ago total was at 1100 with free at 240 (estradiol 25 (range 23.8 - 52.2); 1 week ago total at 880, free 146. Switched...
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    High Prolactin - can it produce all of the high E2 symptoms?

    Thus is my second attempt at usig this forum. If yoi dont know anything about the subject please can yo just post a hello just to let me know I am using it correctly!! I would rather use this forum rather than the facebook page finally!!!
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